For over thirty (35) years, spanning two (2) generations, our family business has supported the construction industry with quality cast stone products. From the modest ranch-style homes of the 70's to the expansive estate homes of today, we have served our customers with architectural elements whose origins date back to the dawn of modern architectural design. Also worth noting, we manufacture and install our products to achieve greater quality control.

As our name implies, Artistic Columns was founded around a cornerstone of fine architecture, the tapered column. Accordingly, our columns are tailored after the original Greek Tuscan design. Sizes range from 10" diameter to 20" diameter at the base, with an entasis taper as developed by the Greeks to optically correct for the human eye.

Various style capitals, such as the popular Roman Corinthian, are available to further embellish the column. Rope (or spiral) columns, popularized in South Florida by Addison Mizner and others, are manufactured in sizes ranging frmo 8" diameter to 16" diameter. To minimize weight our columns are manufactured hollow and then filled solid on site. This ensures that the end result is worthy of the Greek Tuscan heritage and your columns will withstand the test of time as well as the elements.